Introducing Our StyleSwitchr Stacks For Stacks 2!
Blueball StyleSwitchr Stacks

Rapidweaver skill level:
Beginner to Advanced

Customization of StyleSwitchr requires editing basic css files and then dragging them into the Resources area in Rapidweaver 5 (Rapidweaver 4.4.2 version included in download).

Click on the color box squares below
to see the StyleSwitchr stack
change the page's look!

A very easy-to-use CSS Style Switcher Stack that can easily be customized to give your Rapidweaver site pages a new look with the click of your mouse!

The Blueball StyleSwitchr stack allows any Rapidweaver user to add in “Style Switching” on their Stacks pages. The StyleSwitchr stack adds from 2, 3, 4, or 6 small different color style boxes in it that a viewer to your site can click on to change the look of your site page by switching css style sheets.

The StyleSwitchr stacks are completely self-contained and do not rely on any external javascript files for their functionality. This also virtually eliminates any javascript conflicts with themes and other third party stacks.

Download the StyleSwitchr stack readme file to see what it can do!

Click here for PDF manual. View the the cool things this stack can do before you buy!

Great browser support

Tested and works perfectly on: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE6, IE7, IE8, and IE9.

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Just $6.00 - Great Value!

The benefits of using the StyleSwitchr stacks on your site pages:

  • You can change the look of your site page(s) instantly adding up to 6 different style options!
  • The StyleSwitchr stacks only require you to enter a div name in the HUD interface area for the div that contains the color style boxes, set the overall size of the style boxes, and set the colors of the box border and the style boxes themselves. That's it for the set up!
  • The css styles you use can be as simple as just changing the background color on your site page to as complex and detailed as you want them to be. That’s completely up to you, your imagination, and how you customize the css files. Once you finish customizing the css files, drag and drop them into the Resources area in Rapidweaver 5 and they will be automatically linked to the StyleSwitchr stacks for you!
  • Use the Pluskit page plugin from to easily add in a Blueball StyleSwitchr stack to your sidebar or extraContent area for all your site's pages.

You are only limited by your imagination and creativity on how you can use the Blueball StyleSwitchr stacks with your Rapidweaver sites!