A Few Things You May Not Know About Blueball Design.

Our Themes Are Used By 1000s Of Rapidweaver Users Around The World!
A lot of new users of Rapidweaver may not be know much about Blueball Design and our Rapidweaver themes so we thought this might be a good place to let them know a few things about us and reintroduce ourselves.

We are one of the oldest established Rapidweaver theme developers around.

We started selling Rapidweaver themes in late Jan. 2005. Since then we've created over 20 original Blueball Rapidweaver themes we offer on our main site, over 170 "one-off" custom Rapidweaver themes, and over 200 theme "mods", for a wide variety of clients from individuals to very large companies in many different countries.

Our themes consistent performance track record is second to none. They just work.

At Blueball Design we don't rely on the latest javascript gimmick or tons of theme variations to sell our themes. We choose instead to rely on quality design layout, well structured code, and consistent reliable display performance across all the major browsers that Rapidweaver users want in themes. And our theme sizes are smaller than most resulting in faster load times for your site pages.

We are known for our outstanding customer support before AND after the sale.

Most replies to incoming support emails are answered within 1 to 3 hours. Requests that come in after office hours are answered first thing the following morning.