Unique Performance Driven Stacks That Allow Rapidweaver Users To Create The Impossible.

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Blueball StyleSwitchr Stack - Cool Simple CSS Style Switching!
Blueball FontStylr User
FontStylr Stacks - Create headlines using fonts outside web safe fonts!

Create headlines for your Stacks pages with stylish exciting fonts you'll like to use!
No more boring web safe fonts.

For the first time ever, Rapidweaver users can now create headlines on a Stacks page using font styles other than drab boring "web safe fonts.

Includes 4 FontStylr Stacks:
Sans-Serif, Serif, Script, & Grunge
Choose from 75 font faces!

Get All 4 FontStylr Stacks
For Just $9.00!

Dynamic Content Stacks

An easy-to-use Content Management set of Stacks whose content and images cannot be overwritten when you republish your Rapidweaver site!

The Blueball Dynamic Content stack does this by pulling in external files you control, to dynamically populate the div area in the Dynamic Content stack each time your page is viewed.

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New Version 2 Out! New Features!

Now Just $8.00 For Both Stacks!

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All our Blueball Stacks are tested extensively with and will display correctly on the following browsers:
Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE7, IE8, and IE9.